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Getting the most from your event

Why are you running the day

By telling us what your day is all about, we can help tailor the day to meet your precise requirements. Whether you're entertaining customers, thanking your team, or planning a Stag/Hen weekend, just let us know and we'll make it a day to remember.

Sending Out Invitations

There will always be some people who drop out so draw up two lists. On the first list there should be about 15% more people than you require. These invitations should go out well in advance to get your replies in. If you have to fall back on your second list, make sure the invitations go out at least three weeks prior to the event. When your acceptances arrive, send your guest a confirmation letter/email, which should contain:- The full name and address of the venue, the telephone number, a map of how to get to us (find this in the contact us section), an arrival time (preferably half an hour earlier!), advice on clothing (shooting is a country sport so dress accordingly) and the day's itinerary so that they know what to expect.

Picking Teams

Think carefully about teams. We like to have teams of five or six people, but do not put all your staff in one team, and the leave the rest on their own. Have at least one employee in each team. If there is a certain guest or customer that you wish to get to know, put him/her with an appropriate employee. If you have two or three extroverts don't put them together, split them up so they will make everybody laugh. If you have two or three people who are experienced in the activities you're doing, split them up. Make the teams as even as you can (it pays to ask to ensure everyone knows the names of everyone in the team, and to encourage people to introduce themselves at the start of the day)

The Hosts

Please arrive at least half an hour before your first guest, so that we can show you the finished product. Whilst we will do our best to have everything perfect, you may prefer your banner on the left instead of the right, or have a last minute change of teams. And if you've left the trophies at home, it will give us time to get some more!


It is YOUR day, so make sure your customers don't forget whom you are. We are happy to put up banners or placards for you. Give decent prizes - they don't have to be very expensive - resist the temptation to give plastic pens and key rings; they only get thrown away. If you don't have your own prizes, we have a good selection for you to choose from. Have them engraved with your company name or logo, but in advance - it all takes time!