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09 Jul 10 - The Schools Challenge Young Shots Offer

The Schools Challenge Young Shots Offer

If your bored in the summer holidays then why not come on one of our Young Shots Day Courses?

This day is aimed at young shots from novices to experienced shots wishing to improve. This day will start at about 9:30am with a brief introduction in the shop you will then shoot through the morning with a break for refreshments, lunch will be at approximately 1pm with an educational video which will be followed by an afternoon of more challenging targets. Throughout the course we will work on improving your gun mounting, basic technique and different ways to hit those targets that get away!!! The day will then end at 4:30pm All welcome open to ages 12 to 21 Dates available are 3rd, 17th & 24th August

Special 1 to 1 offer

If you can't commit to a whole day then why not have a couple of 1 to 1 lessons and brush up your technique?

Our special offer is £49 per hour plus cartridges & clays during the week.

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